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How to play Lotto PLus

Lotto Plus Statistics
The Trinidad and Tobago NLCB Lotto Plus play-slip has five panels each containing two groups of numbers.
Click on the play-slip to learn more.

Lotto Plus Play-Slip

Firstly, the NLCB Lotto Plus play-slip first group panel is numbered from 1 to 35,  and the Powerball group panel  is numbered from 1 to 10. Players may play any number of panels, with each panel costing TT $5.00.

How To Select No.

For one thing, players can only select 5 numbers from group panel one and only 1 number from the Power ball group panel.

In each panel

Also, as for each panel that you wish to play, mark the numbers with a dark blue or black pen or pencil. All selections must be marked by a vertical line that fills at least 50% of the total box.

Another key point, is that players should not mark their numbers in red ink. All NLCB machines will not register players play slip's marked in red ink.

Quick Pick Selection

Randomly selecting numbers at the terminal on the Lotto Plus play-slip is referred to as Quick Pick. Simply mark the "QP"(quick pick) box in each panel according to the number of quick pick panels you wish to play.

With This In Mind

Players may select their own numbers & play Quick Picks on the same bet play slip, but it is not allowed on the same panel.

Either the numbers players have chosen or a Quick Pick selection can be played in each panel but never both.

Error On Play-slip

Players are advised that if you make a mistake, mark the "VOID" box. You do not have to erase.Players can play NLCB Lotto Plus for 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 draws.

If players wish to play their numbers for more than one draw at a time, then they have to mark the appropriate box which can be found on the left side of the Lotto Plus play-slip under the title "DRAWS".

All players must be 18 years and over to play.

Don't wait to play the time will never be just right !


NLCB Lotto Plus Ticket

Players will receive a ticket from the On-Line terminal that lists your selected  game, draw date(s) and numbers. It is your duty  to check your Trinidad and Tobago NLCB Lotto Plus ticket right away  to make sure it corresponds the correct game, draw date(s) and numbers. The Flip side is an example of a NLCB Lotto Plus ticket.

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