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The History Of The National Lotteries Control Board Play Whe

An ancient pastime game, Play Whe was known as Chinapoo; it was primarily a numbers game played by persons who were influenced by intuition, superstition, dreams, and caprice. Consequently, the ancient game Play Whe was brought to Trinidad and Tobago by Chinese immigrants. As a matter of fact, the game known as Play Whe was traditionally called “Whe Whe”.

Now, no longer in its original form, it has been creolised, acquiring words (marks) like Jamette (#16 : Low Class Man or Woman), Crapaud (#13 Frog), Corbeau (#11: Vulture), Coco Bay (#24: Eye Infection or Leprosy, from the name of the bay at Chacachacare where there was once a leper colony). Moreover, Play Whe has retained one Chinese word, albeit corrupted, ‘Tie Pin’, correctly T’ai P’ing (#12: Heavenly Kingdom).

Generally Speaking on the history of the National Lottries Control Board, the Symbol of Play Whe is a drawing of the Chinaman Jumbie, or Chinapoo. Also, there are 36 segments in his anatomy. Each segment marked with either an individual mark, partner or spirit numbers, depending on the chart.

The History Of The National Lotteries Control Board Play Whe

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