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Sou Sou (SuSu) REAL vs. FAKE.

Be sure to know when you are being invited to a real sou sou savings club vs a fake sou-sou (blessing loom). There are MANY fake groups out there pretending to be a real sou sou. They go by modern day sou sou, blessing loom, and friends and family savings plan. These illegal pyramid schemes are ways that people are making money during hard times. In the end, all of these schemes fall apart!

BBB Calls Blessing Loom a SCAM:…

As millions have lost jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some have turned to costly pyramid schemes to try to make ends meet . And sadly there are no shortage of multi-level marketing companies using coronavirus outbreak to profit on that fear, preying on those who have few alternatives to make money legitimately. Usually framed as a “business opportunity,” pyramid schemes are illegal, get-rich-quick schemes that ask you to pay money upfront and then recruit others to join the scheme so you can get a big payout. Some have products attached, but many don’t. One such scheme currently making the rounds on social media is called “The Blessing Loom.”

Pyramid Schemes Are Preying on the Unemployed. Here’s How to Spot Them

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