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Lottery Scams

Lottery scams usually start with lines like “You’ve won the lottery!” It’s something that numerous individuals wish to hear.

Unfortunately, sometimes those words originate from con artists who are attempting to take your cash or private information.

Also, a portion of those con artists have erroneously distinguished themselves as being partnered with different Lottery Agencies. Notably, no agent should ever call or email anybody about winning a prize.

Lottery Scam Bait

If something Sounds to Good to be true it probably is a scam

Furthermore, the scammers tricks take numerous structures and the scammers utilize numerous traps.

Additionally, the offenders may contact clueless buyers by email, phone, cell phone, or through social media.

They tell proposed unfortunate casualties they have won an enormous prize. They may recognize themselves as being with a genuine lottery agency.

Most recently, these scams utilize significant sounding names like “US National Lottery,” “Uber Millions Mobile Lottery,” “USA UK Mega Millions Lottery,” “Super Millions Corporation” or “Super Millions International Lottery” .

These look real so as to trick individuals out of their cash. None of these purported elements exist. These con artists can falsely utilize a name and a logo.

A few tricksters may even profess to be earlier Lottery big stake winners who are sharing their prize cash.

These scams usually have one thing in common: 

They endeavor to fool you into sending them cash or individual data by stating that you have won a huge lottery prize.

They frequently target more elderly individuals and are known to wipe out unfortunate casualties’ retirement investment funds.

On the off chance that you are tricked into thinking that you have won a prize. The scammers for the most part try to get you to wire cash for “taxes” or “charges.”

They may likewise attempt to get you to give them your bank account number, to steal all of your funds.

Also, another trap is to send the winner a fake “check” and request that the winner send cash back to cover costs.

Only after people have sent their own cash that they find the check they got is fake.

Now, here are a few hints that can keep you from being defrauded:

  • If somebody says you have won a lottery that you have never played, be suspicious. You can’t win a real lottery if you didn’t purchase a ticket.
  • If you have caller ID on your telephone, check the area code when somebody calls to tell you you’ve won. On the off chance that it is from a remote nation, that is a warning. Likewise, know that some scammers use innovative means like VPN software that enables them to change their area code. So they may seem as though they’re calling from your state or country, but they could be anyplace on the planet.
  • Be suspicious if an email contains incorrect spellings or poor sentence structure, or if the individual who called you utilizes poor English.
  • If you are informed that you have to keep your “win” private, be suspicious.
  • No genuine lottery advises winners to spend their own cash so as to collect a prize they have officially won. In the event that you need to pay an expense to gather your rewards, you haven’t won.
  • Mentioning a genuine lottery agency does not really make it a genuine prize. Somebody might utilize the lottery’s name without its authorization.
  • Never give out private data or send cash except if you confirm the organization’s authenticity.
  • If they offer to wire the “rewards” directly into your bank account, don’t give them your bank account information.
  • If you have to “confirm” the prize by calling a specific number, that number might be a part of the scam. Rather than calling it, you should look into the name of the lottery or association on your own to discover its genuine contact info.
  • If you think somebody on the telephone is trying to trick you, hang up right away. If you engage them in a discussion, your name and contact data could end up on a list and distributed to different scammers.

All in all, more data on phony lottery and different tricks can be found here.

For Further assistance you can contact us NLCB LOTTO  or any official NLCB Agency. NLCB LOTTO will at no time practice or use any of the above mentioned methods to deceive persons of funds or to obtain private data.

If at anytime you are contacted by NLCB LOTTO to send cash or info about yourself and you are unsure of the authenticity of the message. Get in contact with us via direct message on facebook or instagram.

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