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It’s finally Friday, readers.

Has this week felt like it’s gone on forever for you too?

I live with a few roommates in Brooklyn and their company is the only thing keeping me sane (and also, to a degree, insane!). You may have heard that multiple states including California and New York are essentially urging people to shelter in place in their homes unless absolutely necessary.

I’m a broken record on this point right now but, that’s ok, I think it’s worth saying again: it really is important to look out for each other right now. Don’t just take it from me—listen to the experts.

While we know that social distancing is critical to halting the spread of coronavirus, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say this is the first time many of us have ever had to grapple with something like this. The prospect of spending weeks and months indoors is infuriating and depressing, however necessary it may be.

My heart goes out to the most vulnerable amongst us, and I hope yours does, too. I’m speaking of the homeless Americans who need our help now more than ever; the folks who can’t afford groceries and have even less contact with the humans who may help them as people remain indoors; the indigent and lonely and those who were “socially isolated”—not by choice—long before this extraordinary crisis hit.

“Public health” is one of those terms that can kind of fade into obscurity because it sounds so blasé. But the “public” aspect of it is critical. This is a collective problem. It can only be solved if we all work together. That means extending kindness and reaching out to check on other people. And thanks to today’s technology, we can, from within our isolation, connect with people we wouldn’t normally speak with.

The Fortune team’s work providing in-depth coverage of all the developments surrounding COVID-19 and coronavirus, including testing capacity, treatments, vaccines, and so much more continues.

But, in this moment on this Friday, I just want to suggest that we each keep an eye out for one another.

Read on for the day’s news.

Sy Mukherjee
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