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Shimla, May 2 () Curfew will remain in place in Himachal Pradesh beyond May 3 despite improvement in COVID-19 cases in the state, an official spokesperson said on Saturday.

However, the relaxation in the curfew will be increased from the existing four hours to five hours from Monday, he added.

The five-hour relaxation in the curfew will be apart from the one-and-a-half-hour rela

ation provided for morning walk.

On Saturday, the Centre decided to extend the ongoing lockdown by two weeks effective from May 4.

In an order, the Union Home Ministry said the decision was taken after a comprehensive review of the COVID-19 situation.

Several shops of various categories are allowed to open in the state during the relaxations in the curfew, the spokesperson said.

Roadside restaurants, sweet shops, hardware stores and other takeaway eateries may open subject to certain conditions, he said.

Construction work may also be allowed if strict social distancing guidelines are followed.

However, barber shops, spas and saloons will remain closed, the spokesperson said.

District magistrates will announce the timings of relaxations in the curfew in their respective districts, he added.

The number of coronavirus cases in the state has improved. There are only two active cases in the state now, he said.

There were a total of 41 COVID-19 cases in the state. Thirty-three of them have recovered and four were shifted outside Himachal Pradesh. Two of them died.

A 70-year-old woman from Delhi who had been staying at a factory’s guest house in Solan since March 15 was among those who died. DJI KJKJ


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